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Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 01:11:46 GMT

>What you should do is to post the following to this list:
>* A (unsorted) list of the auto-folder.
>* The ToolKit setup
>* A list of accs.
>* A list of MagiC autostart-apps.
>Then it should be possible to track down the source of your problems.

Ok here goes: Emulator PRG
              Menu PRG
              STA vid prg
              TK409 PRG
              STOOP PRG
              MAGICBOOT PRG
There are normally more progs in the autofolder but I tried first with a minimal setup. Nova_scr.acc is also used but didn't seem to work. Magic is version 5.2. Nova is 2.66. I tried also older versions of Nova driver but made no difference. Magic worked for about 5 min without the descpic on and then crashed. With deskpic it crashed immediately with the Icache on. What I don't understand is why Icache doesn't work and Data cache does. The manuel says that the data cache is more difficult and the I cache should be no problem. I confugured the 409 driver in to many ways to discribe. I started with the Magic standard configuration but nothing seems to help. it turned out that dispite of what the manuel says that Fastrom did work on my system. Better than without it. I use no autostart apps. Strange isn't it? Maybe if you could send me your 409 and Nova setup?

Greetz Michael.
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