Re: Nova card in the States

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 08:59:05 +0200


> Well, I've decided I want a Nova for my Falcon/040. Where's
> the best place for me to buy one of those beasts, given that
> I live here in Texas? And what's the going price? Any
> recommended configurations? Or is there a better card to use
> than Nova?

There is no other card than the Nova.

First you need the ISA interface from ComputerInsel. Then you need
to find a Mach64 ISA card. For more info take a look at my page.

You might buy a complete kit (gfx-card+interface) from Nima.

Regarding which card to get (there are different versions. DRAM with
1 or 2 MB or VRAM with 2 or 4 MB) I would recomend trying to find a
2MB card. They are faster and if you want the fastest, you want to try
to get hold of a VRAM card. I have got a 4MB VRAM card. :-)

If you buy the parts your self the interface cost ~ $110 + shipment from
germany and the gfx card cost anything from $10 to $100 depending on how
lucky you are. I migth also add that the gfx card can be hard to find
atleast used cards. I got a used 4MB VRAM card for ~ $70.

Computerinsel are very nice to deal with and they take VISA and are fast
to deliver.

//Magnus Kollberg
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