Re: Play games in a window or on a GFX card

From: Johan Klockars <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 00:00:46 +0200 (MET DST)

> > Talking about Atari emulators I just read a funny message in Why
> > not run SToNX under Mint+X? If it worked it would be totaly insane. Or you

It would indeed.

> > could run SToNX under Linux on the Atari. There would atleast be no need
> > for CPU emulation. :-))))

If you try to do it without emulating the CPU, you're back to the virtual
machine implementation...

> Well, SToNX was quite slow even on a Indy...

I found it quite usable on an old Sparc20 (haven't compiled it under MkLinux
on my G3 Mac yet). With the VDI mode enabled it felt very quick.

> > > > under Shapeshifter (Mac-emulator) on his 060-Amiga so he can play Rick
> > >
> > > We _really_ should port that program!
> >
> > We have been saying that for a LONG time now but still nothing has happened
> > and I realy doubt it ever will which is sad. :-\
> One major problem is that the sources isn't freely available, and the

I emailed the author a _long_ time ago but didn't even get a reply. I remember
that someone else was more lucky (can't recall who), but nothing came of it
for some reason.

> author(s) has apparently abandoned it.

I know, but wouldn't that make it _more_ likely that the author would be
willing to make sources available for a port?
Then again, with the current state of the Atari community, I guess we wouldn't
find anyone to do the port... :-(

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