Re: Play games in a window or on a GFX card

From: Konrad Kokoszkiewicz <>
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 12:27:26 +0200 (CEST)

> > Hm, yes, this is a problem, though I don't quite understand how user
> > applications can access first 32k of the memory. Some Super() and
> > Supexec() equivalent is available perhaps?
> The protection of low memory (it's not as much as 32k, but I can't remember
> the correct figure) is done by external hardware on the ST, it's not
> something the processor does. On the QL there's no such restriction and
> it's absolutely necessary to have access from user mode to some of that area.

Uhm, I see. Well, nothing can be done without a Mac docus. Perhaps Dave
Small (if there's any contact to him) could help, at least with his

> > The question is if Mac applications can access these variables directly.
> > If not, they don't have to be at the original place. If they can, some MMU
> > stuff is really needed.
> Dave Small apparently had to do something about this in Spectre, but I
> don't think there's much point in making a modern Mac emulator run on less
> than '030s in any case.

Yes, of course.
> Perhaps it's time for another attempt to contact Christian Bauer?

Well, perhaps. But as he apparently doesn't reply such mails by default...
I've also tried to contact vMac developers, no reply.

> > Thanks for the QL notes, without a knowledge of _ANY_ command I could
> > only watch that white&red screen. Could you consider adding the same as
> ;-)
> > you wrote in the previous mail (about QL) to the emulator documentation?
> Yes, of course.
> That will be rather boring, though, which is one of the main reasons why
> I haven't got around to it.

Well, just do a copy/paste from what you wrote in the reply to my
question. That's a quick hack :-) but your information worked for me, so
perhaps will be useful for others too :)

> There is some really good software available for QDOS (modern machines
> have harddisks, Megabytes of memory, improved graphics and modern processors
> (a really cheap '040 QL card for PCs was sold until recently)). My all time
> favourite text editor for example, 'The Editor'. Even the bundled programs
> (word processor, database, spreadsheet and business graphics) were really
> good, IMO (and they're freely available on the net nowadays).

Well :) That made me wonder where I can get QL :) For sure, it would be
nice to put hands of one of the first Motorola 68000 based home computers,
though really I already hardly have spare place for my computers there in
my room. Lately I've got one more, that's called Elwro 800 Junior. This
computer has something to do with Sinclair, though perhaps not with QL :-)
because its a ZX Spectrum clone, 64k RAM, on-board floppy controller (!),
Z-80 at 3.5 MHz, CP/J ("Control Program for Junior", a sort of CP/M) with
own local network standard (so called Junet), russian chips, the box is
almost as big as Atari ST and has contactron keyboard. Nice machine, the
first thing I've learned so far is how to crash the system :-)

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