Re: Booting first time...

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 08:32:16 +0200


> > > My AB040 continues to be erratic on boot as I believe many others are.
> > > It either hangs at the stage of copying TOS to RAM, or gives bombs during
> > > the subsequent auto folder execution.
> >
> > I have no problems really, except the odd black screen when I switch
> > it on sometimes. After a reset it boots fine.
> Oh yes - I get those too.

I have very little problem with my AB040. It has never hanged when switching
on the computer and I very very rarely get those black screens and I only get
them if there has been a sever crash and I got those before I fitted the AB040
as well.

One thing which I think is good to do is to switch off all caches in the toolkit
and enable them with my AB040ACC insteed. Enabling the caches while booting could
cause problems. Also the buffer mod and speed could have some effect as well.

But as I said by Falcon is as rocksolid as it can get. Maybe I'm lucky or I just
doesn't push my Falcon to its limit like some does.

> > > If it is voltage, I wonder if there is a way to temporarily reduce voltage
> > > during boot (a 'choke'!).
> >
> > You're not saying if you're using the original PSU (which might not be
> > sufficient) or a PC-PSU. If you're using a PC-PSU, there is a signal
> > called "power good", which you can use to reset the Falcon as soon as
> > the PSU stabilises. The "doitf030"-docs describes how to do this.
> Pity - I am using the original PSU.

Well I use the original PSU as well and I have also got a 4MB Nova card in my
box. Maybe I'm lucky here as well. :-)

//Magnus Kollberg
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