Re: A/B and Simms

From: Thomas O. Kruse <>
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 01:53:43 +0100

Hi George,

>Since no one else to my knowledge has tried 64mb simms in the A/B, and I
>just gotta know, I think I'm going to pick up a pair soon. It looks like
>I have a couple of choices. I have two 8 chip 32mb 60ns EDO's installed
>now. There are more than a few flavors of 64mb simms however. It looks
>like there is a high density type that uses 8 chips ala the 32mb simms.
>Then there is the 16 chip version.
>My guess that a safe bet is to stick with the 8 chip/60ns type.
>Any advice apreciated.
Hi. According to my own experience 64MB simms do NOT work with Afterburner.
(original Version from overscan) I guess 2x64==128MB are utopic....
I lost a lot of money to figure that out (64MB simms were much more
expensive that days), but perhaps there is a way so solve this problem.
(According to Overscan due to a disign-mistake it is impossible with their

Bye, Thomas


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