Re: Objet : TOS for 040

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 12:30:06 +0200


> i didn't know somes people was talking about to use the Milan TOS for the AB040, but
> sure i didn't expect it was able to run with our board !

Well, I did mention it a while ago.
> BUT, i hope, that Milan Gmbh who have got a TOS licence, will continue and release it
> one day a new TOS ( 5 ? or 6 ?).
> does anyone know if it is only a dream or if it's possible to get in the future a
> new TOS for Falcon (+AB040)....I use Magic 5, naturally !, but a new TOS could fix
> a lot of bugs and bring new things.

The Milan is shiped wioth TOS 4.5. They are working on TOS 6 for the Milan and
TOS 5 or 6 will also be developed to work on old TOS computers like the Falcon.

Hopefully this will let them fix the problems with a 040 and Fast-RAM in the Falcon.
Atleast we can contact them and tell them about our problems so that they are
aware of them when they design TOS 5.

//Magnus Kollberg
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