Re: Objet : TOS for 040

From: eonic man <>
Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 07:02:02 -0500

Magnus Kollberg wrote:
> Hi,
> > i didn't know somes people was talking about to use the Milan TOS for the AB040, but
> > sure i didn't expect it was able to run with our board !
> Well, I did mention it a while ago.

That's the way it goes Magnus. You remember when I suggested a TV/FM tuner
for the Falcon and people said why would one wish to view TV on their
computer. Now Ataris are the only computers that don't have a TV tuner
available for it. My idea was a means of creating a digital vcr out of the
Falcon, saving the tv prog to DAT tape backup in FLM format. It's a shame, up
to 8 audio channels out and we can't even create a "Cyber" home theatre out of
our machines. It could have put WebTV to shame!

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