Re: TOS for 040

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 08:50:46 +0200


> MK>We come to the conclusion that it would not be possible.
> MK>Anwyay they have said that TOS 5 or 6 will work on all TOS
> MK>computers so maybe we will get a new TOS after all
> MiNT is now TOS. And MiNT is the future. We don't need TOS 6 in EPROM,
> MiNT is much easier to update and maintain.

If I remember correctly MiNT isn't "MiNT is now TOS" anylonger. I think
Atari changed it back. :-)

Anyway, the facts is that some programs doesn't work with MiNT and
I think Cubase is one of those. Also having a good TOS in ROM wouldn't
realy be a problem, just the oposit. I do also belive that TOS 6 will
be like TOS 4.92 so it will take use of MiNT if it's installed. Also
the Milan has got a Flash-ROM so updating is just a matter of downloading
a file and run it. Not very hard and you will have a rock solid computer.

For Falcon's it's another matter, but just havibg a good TOS without bugs
would be very nice for me atleast.

Have you looked at hacking TOS for Nova?

//Magnus Kollberg
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