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>> I thought that the problem was processor related, but I found that
>> even with the 40Mhz 040, I was limited (?:) to the same speed. So
>> unless messing with the buffer mod makes any difference (this is a
>> weekend project) I would have to say that the 40Mhz chip is probably a
>> waste of time, considering the risk I took desoldering it (if you have
>> a socket, then it is just a small matter of cash:).

>I think it's the Mach-chips, and not the CPU itselfs that's causing your
>problems. Also, the Afterburner seems to affect the load on the
>Falcon-bus, with lower stability as the result. Perhaps the termination on
>the Falcon-bus could be modified for higher stability/speed.

Yup. I didn't think to check the rest of the card before spending all
that time on the CPU. I looked through an IC catalog and it apears
that the Mach chips are rated at 40Mhz. To bad there are so
many, unsocketed, otherwise I might be tempted to burn some new ones...
I have a Dimo 50Mhz 040 card for the Mac. The funny thing is that it
has the same Mach chips (but only two). It never was very stable
One good thing did become of this. I was never able to run the Mighty
Sonic over 40Mhz, and even then it wasn't very stable. It has a single
Mach Chip, and a couple of PAL's that are socketed. According to the
catalog, they are rated at 37Mhz. I think that is the next experiment
after I get my Expose working....


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