Re: Afterburner and Linux

From: Oliver Skelton <>
Date: Fri, 05 Jun 1998 19:29:22 +0100

This might explain it - I have had many problems with HDDRIVER and my
removable JAZ drive.
Things aren't too bad so long as I stick to V6.13

Some problems come when I change media - often TOS displays the contents
of the wrong partition (V7.02 HDDRIVER).

The other problem occurs when the Jaz goes to sleep. If an application
or file selector tries to access it next then the Jaz usually wakes up
and continues ok.. but if I try and open the partition from the TOS
desktop with a double-click then the drive never seems to get a wake-up
call and the partition icon refuses to open up a window.
The workaround is just to reboot more often.

Frank Naumann wrote:

> > The other basic problem that annoys SCSI is trying to DMA in and out of
> > FastRAM
> > without going through an STRam window.
> I have at the moment problems with XHDI (HDDriver 7.52, also 7.0).
> I chatted with Uwe Seimet and he means that some hardware adresses are
> chached by the Afterburner on default. That's why HDDriver have also
> problems on logging SCSI-drives at bootup (only safe with data cache off).

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