Re: Afterburner and Linux

From: Thomas O. Kruse <>
Date: Fri, 05 Jun 1998 22:46:13 +0200

>>The ST-RAM and some hardware adresses are cached. This is the fault.
>>Just a moment! According to Michael's mail he used a kernel, which disables
>>the whole caching of the st and tt-ram. So why has he still SCSI trouble.
>>(That leads me to the assumption, that this kernel will not run reliable,
>>though it may look nice)
>The other basic problem that annoys SCSI is trying to DMA in and out of
>FastRAM without going through an STRam window.
Is that true for a kernel loaded to ST-RAM?
Any idea, if this (and the cache of the hardware-registers) could be fixed
in a Linux kernel? Perhaps the other memory area could be cached again and
the Afterburner would be a quite fast working machine....

Bye, Thomas


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