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From: Thomas Kruse <>
Date: Sun, 07 Jun 1998 01:10:23 +0200


>Regardless if the kernel is loaded to ST-RAM or FastRAM, it's BS. Linux
Well... loaded into TT ram the kernel simply does not boot :)
[Booting Linux #]
(no blinking cursor)

>these to a ST-RAM 'dribble buffer'. Otherwise, none of the FastRAM solutions
>for Linux would have worked. Credits to Guenther Kelleter.
But why did I have to load the kernel to the ST-RAM? (Alright, it booted in
the past, but it was even less relieable than the ST-RAM version)

>(plus maybe other weirdness we didn't discover yet). But the ball is back in
                             ^^^^^^^ yes I agree.

>your court now - I hope I could prove that Linux works on the AB040 when you
>don't cache the RAM. What are your results with that kernel ???
Well it boots, if I use it from ST-RAM. I will try a Debian install from
IDE-CD to IDE-HDD with the new kernel.
Currently the install checks the Linux partition for errors. Swap went fine

>Hardware registers were always noncacheable-serialized. Maybe we can set
But something was going terrible wrong....

>FastRAM cacheable again; that depends if the kernel works reliable on your
>system. Let me know, and I can build a new one with only ST-RAM excluded
from caching.
I will tell you!

>Please also try running the kernel in FastRAM, just for reference.
Does not work....

Bye, Thomas


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