Re: MMU questions?

From: Doug Little <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 10:41:14 +0100

>But what about MiNT? Would MiNT's virtual memory and memory-protection
>work with TK-driver? There is usually a lot of stuff loaded before MiNT,
>so even if MiNT itself is loaded into ST-RAM you would end up with lots of
>problems, right?

MiNT doesn't use the PMMU on a 68040. It has no support for it - so there
are unlikely to be any problems.

If somebody happened to put 68040 PMMU support into MiNT then it would
probably conflict with the TK driver.

On the other hand, if somebody put 68040 PMMU support into MiNT, then
you probably wouldn't NEED the TK driver anyway.

TK was developed primarily to get around problems in TOS, and to get some
extra speed out of the machine in the process.

It will not work with Linux, and it only works with MiNT because it behaves
TOS - no MMU support and therefore nothing to fight with.

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