Re: MMU questions?

From: Doug Little <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 11:28:41 +0100

>I think the original message was about implementing 040 PMMU support in
>for memory protection and virtual memory. So if someone did, it would be
>a good idea to make it replace the TK as well, atleast the part of the TK
>which deals with the PMMU?

If MiNT gets PMMU support, then I would strongly suggest that users get rid
of the
TK driver completely - except when they boot under TOS.

I could solve all of these problems very easily by marking the entire STRam
as non-cacheable, leaving the FastRAM cacheable - but under TOS that would
slow because it keeps the stacks and other commonly used things in STRam and
it would probably hit performance a lot.

I tried moving the stacks into FastRAM, but TOS is so badly written that it
resetting the stacks back into STRam at hardwired locations. It's very bad.
I gave
up eventually.

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