Re: L68K: Re: Afterburner and Linux

From: Doug Little <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 11:34:30 +0100

>Ok, fine. If thought some registers are cacheablke by default.

No, that would be lethal. All hardware registers can change without the
knowledge, so they are all considered volatile. All hardware registers must
non-cacheable and serialized to prevent terrible problems from arising.

>> Look for an XFRB cookie. If it exists, try to remove it and reboot. See
>> the _FRB
>I don't have an XFRB cookie.

Hmmm. Then that is very strange. I can't think of any other kind of ram that
might be allocated early, and then used later for DMA.

>So the problem is, that I auto boot with HDDriver.
>And the problem isn't solved bye:
>Auto folder:

In which case, it probably isn't installing and using HDDriver for some

>A solution for me is, to auto boot with AHDI (for example) and run HDDriver
>after DMASNOOP in the Auto folder?

So, does that fix it then?

If it does, then it suggests HDDriver doesn't allow itself to be installed
in a row. Maybe it autodetects itself and bottles out if it is already

Now I am puzzled.

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