Re: Afterburner and Linux

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 08:56:37 +0200


> CR>Enybody reading any other threads in this group. Re: TOS 5 & 6
> CR>
> CR>Even a "I don't know yet" answer would be a help.
> You can bet there won't be a TOS 5 or TOS 6 for AB040 from Milan guys.

Why are you saying that? They have clearly said that there will be a TOS
5 or TOS 6 for the Falcon. They are even discussing to support GFX card
in the TT and Falcon (Nova). If it will fix any of our problems is a good
question, but it can hardly be worse and with the correct input from us
it could even be realy good.

Better contact them and tell what you want.

//Magnus Kollberg
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