Re: AB and Falcon Died

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 08:44:45 +0200


> My AB040 and my Falcon died suddenly last week. I was fiddling around with settings for NVDI, Nova, and Magic. After a reboot my monitor went black on the nova and fidel aswell. I build the AB in a second Falcon but the screen stays black. I tested the second Falcon with the scsi patch from nemesis but without the AB and it worked fine. I think that my 68040 chip died or the mc88915 clock chip. I will get a new 68040 chip from Titan. I had the AB for about 3 months! Another problem is to get the mc88915 chip. They will only sell it in 100 items. Does anyone know to get just one or two? Did anyone have this kind of a problem?

Johan had a similar problem. It was caused by the socket holding the mc88915 (If
you have a socket) cracked.

//Magnus Kollberg
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