ST/TT/Falcon emulation

From: Doug Little <>
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 10:01:34 +0100


I have just recently spoken to Frédéric Gidouin - Atari programmer and author of the excellent ST emulator 'PaCifiST' for the PC. He is considering implementing 68030+ support into the emulator in order to cope with TT/Falcon software but he needs help. In particular, he needs to know more about the harddisk interface (IDE/SCSI) in order to emulate their operation at the lowest level - because that is how Pacifist works. You can run a real image of TOS under the emulator because all the ST's hardware is emulated by intercepting register access accurately.

So, if anyone knows anything about harddisk interfacing at the hardware level, please let me know and I can put you in touch with Frédéric. Ok, so it's a PC program, but it's free and its remarkably good. It will run most games and applications at a good speed and is fun to play with when you are forced to work on your nasty old pc in the office! :)

No flamewars please. I am not interested in destabilizing/destroying Atari hardware (so don't hassle me about it), but I think this little freeware program is fantastic and deserves all the help it can get. Help if you can!

I will try to contact Uwe Siemet (if I can find his email address) to see if he is willing to help too.

You can find Pacifist, and assorted TOS images etc. to use with the emulator at this nice little Atari url:

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