RE: L68K: Re: Afterburner and Linux

From: Petr Stehlik <>
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 11:47:01 +0200

> Hi Petr!

Hi Bernd,

> Will the 68LC030 still be useable somehow when the AB040 is plugged in?
> Is there a jumper or a switch?

By default no, the 68030 is definitely disabled (some people even broke the
CPU legs by accident so the 68030 was dead in all ways). Though there are
projects to add a switch that will unplug the 68040 board and re-connect the
68030 legs. But then it's again regular Falcon030. So the answer is: in
AB040 the 68030 is not usable.

> > - SCSI is very sensitive (when VIDEL generates screen the SCSI
> > timeouts and/or produces errors or hangs whole kernel).
> When you look at the circuit diagrams you might understand a bit.

the circuit diagrams are the same regardless of operating system you run on
it. Do you understand me?

> Will you come to Oldenburg this year? I can bring my oscilloscope.

no, sorry.

> > certain pre-Nemesis clock-patch I used to run 2.0 kernels in FastRAM
> > without problems.
> What brings Nemesis with the AB040??

Nemesis is yet another accelerator for Falcon030. As any other Falcon
acccelerator it contains a so called clock-patch, or buffer mod. However
Nemesis' buffer mod is different from all others known clock-patches in that
it uses a relatively slow device which causes a big phase shift of clock
signal going through this buffer mod. Though I'd like to note that Nemesis'
buffer mod was the first clock-patch that caused my SCSI started to work
100% (not under Linux, but under all other operating systems).

> Can you find out at which physical address of the FastRAM?

ataboot-3.2 does that.

> Eagle 030 TT-clone?.... Are there ACTEL chips on the AB040? Can one

AB040 consists of 68040 socket and about 7 Mach210 chips, IIRC.

> still buy the AB040 new?

AB040 is not produced anymore, I think. Not sure though, as I have never
seen the original manufacturer.

> BTW: What does your NOVA say so far? Did mach64fb.c work for you? (not
> atyfb)

I haven't applied the mach64fb stuff, because the e-mail that should contain
it came without any file attachment, sorry.

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