NOVA & 14mb ST RAM

From: Michael Grove <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 16:05:45 -0700

I just had a thought. Maybe you electronics types may have an answer.
As the NOVA only works with 4mb of ST Ram installed (mine won't
even boot with 14mb on the card) I had the idea of installing two
thin contacts between the Falcon expansion jump pins and the NOVA
card itself. Also install another jump set on the ST Ram card (the
Wizztronics card has a jumper for 4-14mb ram). These could be
tied to a switch that toggles the jump status at bootup, either
enabling the NOVA and 4mb ST Ram, or disable the NOVA and enable 14mb
of ST Ram.

I guess the first question is that does jumping the Falcon expansion
pins make the NOVA invisible to the Falcon even with it actually
installed on the machine?
The second question would be does jumping the ST Ram card to 4mb
allow the machine only to see 4mb of the 16 installed? If the
Wizztronics card works like the Aixit TT card, it recognizes the
size of the simm by how the ground pins on the simm are arranged.

I was bored...
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