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From: Rodolphe Pineau <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 09:06:37 +0200

At 13:19 11/06/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Back to the Mach chip issue and speed on the A/B card, can someone give
>some details about them?

Match chip are PLD like GAL. So if you want to replace them you've got to
found the Jedec file to program the new one. I've got the databook of the
Mach 100 & 200 family so i could look if there is a way to read the content
of the Mach. But if i remember well the is a fuse to protect the Mach from
reading to avoid reverse engenering.

>My card has a total of 8 surface mount Mach chips. I have found
>a higher rated replacement, but 8 is way to many for me to consider
>removing them and installing sockets.
>I assume these do some bus/address decoding. Does each chip contain
>different code, or are there 8 of the same to handle all the lines?
>If they are the same, I could desolder one, copy it, and just piggyback
>a socket ontop the rest (disabling the power to the smt ones).

This chip are use to build the 32 bits word from the falcon mother board
(the 040 haven't dynamic bus sizing) and to recreate some 68000 signals
from 040 one's. The 3 chip in front of the memeory generate refresh and ram


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