Re: NOVA & 14mb ST RAM

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 08:21:03 +0200


> MK>> I remember we were talking about possibility of modifying card to 8 or
> MK>> 10 MB RAM. Now we have somebody that is actually able to build it. He
> MK>
> MK>Could you ask him to modify a card to take 8 or 10MB (which is the
> MK>esiest)?
> Yes, I can. Actually I already did ask him. But for whom should he do
> it? I don't need it, 4 MB is enough. And other people don't have NOVA
> here :-)

There are people who wants novas and hasn't got an AB040, so the possibility
to have 8 or 10MB is very interresting for those people. As you know this guy
and has got a Nova you could test it.
//Magnus Kollberg
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