Nova problems

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 16:37:19 +0200


I have been in contact with a guy who has got some problems
with his AB040 and Nova. I'm not sure if I can help him
as I havn't got the problems he describes. Maybe someone on
the list has or might have an idea what the problem might be.

I belive that it's the TK driver which crashes when he runs with
Fast-RAM and I have no idea why this is.

Any ideas anyone?

//Magnus Kollberg


> Hello Magnus!
> I'm finally making some progress on the Nova/AB040 installation, but it's
> jolly hard work! I've managed to configure some useful resolutions so far:
> 896 x 636 in 256 colours is the greatest my old VGA can manage I think, so
> it might be time to get a new monitor. But I'm still having the same
> difficulty with the AB-drivers. It's not as I thought a problem with ST
> RAM, but with Fast RAM, although it does only manifest itself when there's
> 4Mb RAM. Confused? I am. With 4Mb ST RAM and TT RAM ignored, the Falcon
> boots up fine with Nova (of course, then I only have about 1.5Mb of free
> memory which is no good to anyone!!!). With TT RAM installed (2 x 16Mb),
> the drivers crash (2 bombs) although it still gets to the desktop, where
> the Nova works fine (until you load a program, but that's because of the
> 040 driver). With 14Mb ST RAM installed, no Nova, and 32Mb TT RAM used, all
> is fine... Very strange. I've e-mailed Doug (thanks for passing his address
> onto me) to see what he thinks.
> So close, yet so far :)
> Danny
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