Re: Nova problems

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 09:01:17 +0200


Regarding STBook...

> Yes I have one. They have some problems with the HD. it seems to be a weak spot.
> all of them have it. you need the falcon regularly to reformat the drive as there
> is no way to do it on the ST Book. symtoms are that sometimes you can't start the
> thing. So you have to reformat it. Make sure you only use the Hd driver wich comes
> with the ST Book language disk. Otherwise the power function doesn't work. It is
> a special driver. Also make sure you use a bootmanager with it.


Do you use it for anything, or do you just have it because it's so cool?

How is the screen?

Does MagiC work on it?

Is it as fast as a STe?

How big is it?

Is it worth the money ($500 - $600)? I don't just want it because it's cool
I would also like to be able to actually use it.

Does Cubase work?

Do you want to sell yours? :-)

//Magnus Kollberg
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