Re: Nova problems

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Date: Tue, 01 Jan 1980 00:00:00 GMT

>Regarding STBook...
>o you use it for anything, or do you just have it because it's so cool?
I use it to drive a big telescope. And it's way cool!

>How is the screen?

Very good but I wished that it could be backlit. I have to look into that when I have the time. Should be possible to do it.

>Does MagiC work on it?

Never tried it. But with one meg it's not worth the try. Every program I tried works. It's like an STe with Tos 2.06. It must be possible to put in 4 megs of ram but it won't be easy. there is not much room for it and the ram chips are very hard to get.

>Is it as fast as a STe?

I think so. Sometimes it feels faster with some programs.

>How big is it?

30x22x4 cm

>Is it worth the money ($500 - $600)? I don't just want it because it's cool
>I would also like to be able to actually use it.

I thought so, I use it a lot!

>Does Cubase work?

Yes it does but once again the 1 meg problem.

>Do you want to sell yours? :-)

Not in my livetime! Never never never I will sell it! It's to cool ;-)
Greetz Michael.
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