new TOS PROM for Falcon040!

From: Petr Stehlik <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 07:28:31 +0100


I am able to get the 16-bit PROMs used in Atari Falcon, fix the TOS
4.04[1], update it for Afterburner040 (or other 68040/68060 based
CPU)[2], burn it into the PROM and send it to you.

What I need to know is the exact number of people that would 'pre-order'
the PROM, as I need to buy them in a bigger quantity and I do not want
to buy them more than I would actually sell to you.

Please replace "I" with "Jiri Richter from JRC Prague" in the sentences

The price of PROM could be 40 DM ~ 30 USD, AFAIK. Perhaps higher or
lower, depends on the quantity.

Please let me know if you'd want this PROM for sure so I could order
them. Thanks.


[1] there's not much in TOS404Vxx file, but at least something. If
someone would know how to fix the stupid GEMDOS bug please tell me and I
would do that.

[2] I plan to burn the TOS 4.04 that is found in FastRAM after patching
by Doug's ToolKit 5.07. I can do anything else in the TOS, just tell me.
As for versioning, I would like to let the TOS version at 4.04 (for
backward compatibility), but change the TOS release date (to distinguish
between those two versions). It's expected that the patched TOS would
work on Afterburner without additional software patches. The NOVA
init code might be included as well (perhaps, I hope).

On Tue, 9 Jun 1998 08:34:48 +0200, Magnus Kollberg wrote:

MK>Well they havn't realy mentioned the AB040 expicit, but there _will_ be a new
MK>TOS 5 or 6 for the Falcon. As the Milan is a 040 computer it should work
MK>pretty good on the AB040 as well. Atleat I hope it will.

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