update of TOS 4.04

From: Petr Stehlik <stehlik_at_cas3.zlin.vutbr.cz>
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 1998 16:48:31 +0100


I have got several questions regarding the PROM with fixed TOS. You all
want to know what would be fixed and what would it bring to you new or
better compared to TK507 patched TOS. Well, I am not sure yet. We can
fix a lot of things, for example:

- remove all 030 instructions and so let it boot with MC68040 or 68060
- remove blitter "calls" or switch the blitter to 8 MHz right at bootup
  so Nemesis and other accelerators would boot easier
- add Falcon NOVA code so you could watch the boot on the NOVA monitor
- fix any bugs that is possible to fix - serial/GEMDOS fs/whatever

Originally I said I would burn the TOS that is patched by Doug's TK into
PROM. What would be different from current situation? There would be
just one boot (no TK reboot). TOS would not have to be put into FastRAM,
which might help in MiNT or MagiC (I don't say it would save 0.5 MB of
RAM, as SIMMs are soooo cheap now).

Of course you would still have to start a "light" version of TK to get
FastRAM, setup MMU etc. But the main advantage should be that TOS is
ready to work since first power-on, no need for second reboot, HDDRIVER
could boot better (?) and perhaps something else I can't think of now.

I feel I will have to build, burn and test the TOS on my machine first,
then to show it to you and then perhaps start collecting 'preorders'.

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