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From: Rodolphe Pineau <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 12:49:38 +0200

At 12:17 22/06/98 +0200, you wrote:
>Hi Rodolphe,
>As you seems to know alot about different things I wonder if you
>or someone at Centek has looked into using a 68150 for bussizing
>and use a 040/060 as CPU insteed of 030?
I'me not from Centek but i know them well. The Centurbo 2 is designed to
replace the cpu and add FatsRam to the Falcon with the Maximum
compatibility. So, they use a 50Mhz 68030. The CT2 is quite fast as the
AB040_at_32 without the SCSI troubles and cache problems. The access time to
the falcon mother board is 4 cycles (9 for the AB040) and the stram
trasfert rate is 14Mb/s. The FastRam trasfert rate is about 30Mb/s (34 for
the AB040). The the whole computer still a falcom but runs at 50Mhz and
have fastram. They don't want to use a 68040/68060 because they plan too
use this processors in the Phenix.

>Also, do you know anything about OXO's Evolution board? I read that
>it was now finished and that they used a ColdFire CPU insteed of a
>030 and it was also very cheap.
The Oxo's project isn't finish for the momment. They effectively plan to
use a Coldfire but they wait the one witch implements all 68k instruction
(including div, divs,...) witch aren't fully implemented in al Coldfire.
They use the roginal falcon component by desoldering them from the mother
board and resoldering them on the new mother board. As far as i remember
there is 2 simm clot on their mother board (not sure that there is fastram

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