A few questions

From: Michael Grove <grovem_at_ridgecrest.ca.us>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 02:26:32 -0700 (PDT)

I noticed a few MiNT users are using NAES 1.1.7. I only have the 1.1.6
version from floppy disk ordered direct from Woller.Is the
difference between the two just that the other is released on a CD, or
is their more to it than that. I contacted Woller about this, but
didn't get a reply. I like the additional features that 1.1.6 has
brought about, but haved noticed some anomilites after upgrading from
the last version I had.

Another question concerns Apex Media 2.41, which I can't seem to get
to work in RGB mode with the Nemesis disabled. I deleted the config
file in the system folder, but it didn't change anything. V2.30 works

I just got HD Driver 7.54. Anyone else with an A/B haveing luck with
it? I don't like the way it uses scsidrv. I know you don't have to
have it active, but am leary about installing the driver on my
machine. I still need to improve my German about ten fold so I can
understand what is being said. To drowsey and sleepy to figure it out

CAB 2.7 seems to be working very well here. I haven't tried all the
features, but for general surfing it seems to be doing a verygood job.

Has Axitt ever made good on the Falcon fast ram card? I have a killer
machine coming from Wizztronics soon and I hope to be running 50Mhz
with a socketed CPU. Just need a good fast ram card that will handle
those speeds. It will also have an upgraded DSP (socketed).

I'm about to go motorcycle racing again. It's been three years since
the last broken bone, and I need an excuse to get back into these

I got my Exose card to use the RGB output from an RGB monitor to test
the card. I think the splitter is trash, and will have to put it on a
scope to trace out the problem (compoinet or design). After reading
the spec sheets, and the chips that are available, it dosen't look to
be to hard to put together another splitter that actually works
without beating on it with a hammer(sorry Dave:).

My ScreenEye and PAL vcr work very well together atop the NOVA card. I
just need to set down and write a small interface to capture the video
in little indian format so it displays porperly on the NOVA. I hope I
can do this with Face Value and GFA basic. Even those tools are a
little advanced for me now.

I'm suppose to be getting another NOVA Falcon adapter from John Perez.
(did it arrive yet, John?).
I want to play with installing an ISA video capture card. Some of the
older cards can utilize Windows on a 286 so maybe I can use just
plain old DOS drivers to control the card.

Not much new with my machines. I picked up a Yamaha 4X4 CD ROM Writer
and a CyberDrive 24X SCSI CD ROM that works well with Extendos. I've
got the Yamaha on the Mac using Toast for now, until Roger upgrades
his CD Writer to include data files.

I think I have dropped the 060 quest. To much money and to much
soldering. Maybe Wizztronics will actually pull through and have a few
of their Falcon clone boards for sale this August in Vagas......:).

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