Re: converting to mpeg2

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 08:20:52 +0200


> > Anyone know a program to convert audio files to MP2 format?
> I ported the unix "musicin" to mint/tos a couple of years ago.
> It takes a .wav or raw sample data file and encodes it to mp2.
> However, on a standard falcon, with fpu, it will take nearly 24 hours for
> a normal-length song to encode. And without the fpu.. well expect a weeks
> job or so.

I have got this one and used it. It works as expected with the exception that
MP2Audio can't handle monofiles and some bitrates which makes it impossible to
make those _realy_ small files. Maybe another player than Norings can handle
mon files and different bit rates?

On my AB040 it doesn't take to long to decode a normal length song. I don't
remember, but it surely wasn't 24 hours. If I remember correctly it was
under one hour for 3-4 minutes, but I realy don't remember so don't count on
those figures. I do also think that copyback did a pretty big difference here.
To bad that it can't be used with my Nova (copyback). :-(

I guess it's enough to say that it's not very fast. :-)

//Magnus Kollberg
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