Re: HD Driver 7.53/.54

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 08:36:29 +0200


> I toyed around with the latest version of HD Driver (7.54) tonight and
> didn't have much luck running it on the Afterburner. I tried a couple
> of different settings, and only used IDE drives. I had the same
> problem with V7.53. I also tried booting with V7.12 and running V7.54
> from the auto folder, but worse results there. I also used the AB
> floppy boot sector too.

Looks like HD-Driver is only getting worse and worse, :-(

> I had been using V7.12 without problem. The way it acts it looks like
> were back to pre V6.30 now. I haven't read the docs yet, but it is a
> pretty simple installation. One thing I did notice was an option for
> two more IDE drives. I don't know if a total of 4 may be used, or the
> option is just there for ID purposes.

I think those extra 2 IDE drives are for the Milan. It has got 2 IDE connectors
making it possible ot use 4 IDE drives.

//Magnus Kollberg
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