Re: HD Driver 7.53/.54

From: Michael Grove <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 14:35:56 -0700

Frank Naumann wrote:
> Hallo!
> > ASH just posted V7.54 a few days ago. Is Uwe a little faster at
> > updates?:).
> Oh sorry, 7.55 is beta. But I also used 7.54 and 7.52.
> > Ahh, one difference. You are using the V4 TK, right? Shouldn't make any
> > difference if ST Ram is set to non-cacheable with HD Driver should it?
> > I have always run it from fast ram before, and the V5 TK should take
> > care of that problem anyway.
> No, I use TK5.07.

I thought that Doug said DMA snoop wasn't required with V5.X of the tool
Could you list your HD Driver setting and preferences? I don't have a
drive connected right now, so I haven't been worried about the SCSI
just yet. Should be "Plug and Play" with just the IDE drives. I don't
the NOVA installed right now, and am using MiNT and N_AES and NVDI
Nothing out of the ordinary.
> With TK5 you need always NVDI or a other VDI that doesn't use the blitter.

:). Found that out a long time ago with the Mighty Sonic.
> > This usually isn't a problem with normal partitions, but I have lost my
> > MiNT partition twice because of this problem.
> MiNT partitions? Minix-FS or TOS-FS?

Minix-FS. I haven't found where the problem comes from yet, but I have
setup on an EZ135, so it hasn't been real trouble.

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