Re: OpenGL/MesaGL -> TosGL?

From: Doug Little <>
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 14:57:26 +0100

>Yes but it could be integrated in Fenix for example or in all the new VDI
>that are in dev (even in Milan Tos 4.05 in the future).

It's certainly possible, but if it goes into the TOS, it's out of my reach
and I
can't work on the 3D routines. I do have some good stuff now, and I am
currently porting a new algorithm to the Falcon which I developed for the
PC which emulates a Z-buffer without requiring a real Z-buffer. It works,
but I will soon convert it to assembler for speed. :)

>Yes, using fast optimised routines in a virtual frame buffer the use vdi to
>blit it in screen windows.

That is almost certainly the best approach. It means you can optimise for
the known OpenGL supported colour depths, and then use conversion
blits to get the image into a window. If there is good VDI supported 2D
blit hardware available, then it may be accelerated too.

>for S3 Virge cards etc. There is a Virge driver with MESA, so that is a

>Yes so we need PCI bus on AB040... and i haven't finish the pinout trace


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