Re: Is anyone out there?

Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 23:07:40 -0400

>Hello to all Falcon 040er's>
>Underwhelmed as I was with the reponse to my earlier pleas
>for help, with respect, I find it as no great surprise that
>the clamour of the masses might just have dwindled a bit. I
>still have the problem with crashes in Cubase with Nemesis
>and am somewhat bane to move onto the final 040 installation
>until this situation is resolved... It would now appear this
>is to be a solo flight. It's not sour grapes, just mild
>disappointment. Admittedly, I'm clearly not in possesion of
>your collective experience..and that, in my view, is all the
>more reason to lend the new guy a helping hand?
>Michael Anthony

I use CAF with my AB040 & Nemesis running at Nem Low speed (I forget
what Mhz it is) with very little problems now (I'm lucky).

What SCSI driver are you using? What speed are you using?
Check the wires for proper shielding.


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