HDDriver 7.55

From: Michael Grove <grovem_at_ridgecrest.ca.us>
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 01:47:28 -0700 (PDT)

I gave the latest version another try tonight. If I understood the
German instructions for Falcons with A/B's, I installed hddriver.sys
on my IDE without a SCSI device identified, then ran hddriver.prg
from the autofolder just after the A/B tool kit. I don't have wdialog
installed, nor do I have DMASNOOP installed. I'm using TK 5.07 MiNT
1.14 and N_AES 1.1.6, but I get the same results under TOS 4.04.

I seems that the IDE drives are working fine, however I have no access
to the floppy or to my EZ 135. HDDriver sees the EZ device without a
cart installed, but with it inserted it hangs and I have to reboot. If
I access the floppy, Thing (V1.09) quits back to the N_AES desktop.

I would question my N_AES setup or MiNT, but as I have the same
problem under normal TOS, I must not have the driver configured
properly or there is something about my machine it dosen't like.

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