Re: HDDriver 7.55

From: Oliver Skelton <>
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 1998 00:22:23 +0100

Well I am really reluctant to try a newer HDDRIVER than 6.13 from Auto
folder after the trouble I had with 7.02.

I haven't looked at it lately as I am busy getting ready to transfer to
Tokyo, but I just had one thought... HDDRIVER now has an option to
supplant the SCSIDRV.PRG from GEMAR etc. This presumably needs a XFRB...
and I wonder if you configure with XFRB off but SCSIDRV on whether it
quietly allows the XFRB anyway??

(I'm tempted to try the new ICD drivers when/if they come out of test as
ICD PRO 6.5.5 served me well for a long time before I got the AB040.)

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