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From: citadel <>
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 98 02:56:50 -0000

Hi Jo Even

>Probably because it's the program that stress the bus. Try switching
>to monochrome (e.g. ST-High) and see if the problem persists.

I'd already tried this with no benefit. It made no difference at all.
The crashing problem in Cubase continues just as often no matter the
selected resolution. I do agree that the DMA appears to be the source
of the problem though. Later today I'll install that shielded cable
over to the DMA connection and will report my findings.

>I've had serious problems with the 500KHz clock in Nemesis, and had to
>replace it with a home-made made of a 32MHz oscillator and a
>74HCT4024. They keyboard and mouse went bananas, and the Falcon was
>*very* unstable. It's possible that the 500KHz-clock in your Nemesis
>is starting to break as well.

I was a bit confused when you mentioned this in an earlier mail as well.
500KHz clock? All I can see is 40MHz and 5OMHz oscillator crystals? I
don't see any 500KHz unit? Can you please explain? As I've said the
only unstability I've noted was while running Cubase. It seems rock
solid otherwise. I do accept that the program is likely stressing the
system more than other similar programs...however it seems like it's
more than this..almost like it's doing things to the system that no other
program does...something not too kosher? Something that is acceptable
in a "normal" Falcon but pushes a modified one a bit too hard? I'm just
guessing, you understand. Thank you so much for all this valuable help.
I'm sure eventually it will get sorted..(either that or I'll be "parting
out" my MX Falcon!) [|;-)


Michael Anthony

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