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Date: Sun, 26 Jul 98 18:59:03 -0000

Hello to all Falcon040er's

Hooray, Eureka and all that Jazz! I *think* the problems I've
been having are sorted. It turned out to be a combination of
things with one main culprit. Although I took great pains to
isolate the white DMA line away from all possible sources of
interference, etc., it apparently was picking up garbage from
the system which only affected Cubase! Once I installed a
shielded cable, with the shield grounded to the main buffer
ground connection only..the noise disappeared in Cubase.

I reinstalled the provided 100 ohm resistor to ground in series
with the inductor tied to pin 110 of U36 and all started working
fine. I left a MIDI file running on a loop for 4 hours at the
highest Nemesis speed with no problems. I still haven't tried
audio...but it should be okay. If anyone is listening at Titan,
the shielded DMA cable is *NOT* optional! Dump the white wire
and assuming I wasn't the last Nemesis purchaser, start handing
out shielded wire instead! This has been a totally unnecessary
6 week saga.

Now, may I say thank you to all who submitted ideas and their
recommendations. It's now onto the 040 installation..hopefully
with smoother sailing ahead. [|;-)

With gratitude,

Michael Anthony

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