Re: Cubase and it's Nemesis...Part II

From: citadel <>
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 98 22:14:38 -0000

Hi again...(sheepish grin)...

Ooops!...back to the drawing board! The shielded cable has
helped but it's still not the solution. I subsequently found
that the Falcon was being forced back to 8Mhz (from 16) by
the boot process so while I was testing Cubase it was actually
running at half speed...silly me! No noise but in truth, it
did seem just that bit sluggish! [|:-)

I put back my mini screw type 500ohm pot with cap in parallel
off of pin 110 of U36b to ground (DMA line) and using the high-
est Nemesis speed once again "tuned" out the noise...this time
making sure the system was running at the normal settings! I
now suspect the 68030 itself. It does run heeps warmer when at
the accelerated settings. To test my theory I placed a small
fan near the processor and it did seem much more stable. I'm
still testing this possibility. I've also tried switching
around vid test someone else's theory. No help!

The problem of noise and system freezing happens only in Cubase.
As hot as the 030 gets, I've never had a crash at desktop or in
any other programs. That instantaneous flicker very rarely
happens but it doesn't kill the system...except, of course, in
Cubase. I believe that flicker is the manifestation of the real
problem. All programs are affected...but Cubase is just more
sensitive to the interuption...and it freezes the Prg. Having
no warning/crash alerts hints at the processor itself. Has no
one out there ever had noise while running only Nemesis and

If I'm right about the 030, going to the 040 should solve the
problem. I'd still like to be sure though. Does anyone have any
ideas what is generating this static noise in the audio section?
...and remember, in Cubase only? AudioTrack is swell. Again,
your suggestions are welcome....Doug! ...Help!

With regards,

Michael Anthony

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