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From: Michael Grove <>
Date: Mon, 03 Aug 1998 07:45:21 -0700

citadel wrote:
> Hi Doug,
> I've been waiting your kind offer of help..but in the
> interim, a few points to consider...
> Forgive the open letter format but it's possible some
> of the others may be able to help finally sort me out
> on my Falcon/Nemesis difficulties. After implementing
> every suggestion received, here in no particular order,
> are a few more observations I've made re: the situation.
> 1) First of all I'm beginning to believe I've got a
> defective Nemesis.

Maybe you can speed up your troubleshooting process by elimating the
Nemesis and installing the clock modification contained in CPU_ACCEL by
Peter Green. This would elimate the Nemesis in the loop. You have
already made all the necessary cuts to pins and traces needed to perform
the mod. You don't even have to go as far as the document goes
concerning installing a switch. Just supply the bus with a 40Mhz clock,
keyboard and Midi with with a 500Hz clock and you should have the same
conditions existing on your Falcon as if you had a "functioning" Nemesis
installed. If it Fails there, your peticular Falcon is not stable at
40Mhz. Try 38Mhz. If your having problems with this machine now, you
will never get the A/B to work at 40Mhz. Either that, or the Cubase
dongle is causing you problems with the increased bus speed. You will
probably have to remove the resistor on the DMA mod if you do try this
for testing.

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