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Hi Michael!

Thanks for the reply.

>Maybe you can speed up your troubleshooting process by elimating the
>Nemesis and installing the clock modification contained in CPU_ACCEL by
>Peter Green. This would elimate the Nemesis in the loop. You have

Do you have this document? Can you please e-mail it to me?

>already made all the necessary cuts to pins and traces needed to perform
>the mod. You don't even have to go as far as the document goes
>concerning installing a switch. Just supply the bus with a 40Mhz clock,
>keyboard and Midi with with a 500Hz clock and you should have the same
>conditions existing on your Falcon as if you had a "functioning" Nemesis

Geez (he said)...some large, unnamed amount of money later...

>installed. If it Fails there, your peticular Falcon is not stable at
>40Mhz. Try 38Mhz. If your having problems with this machine now, you
>will never get the A/B to work at 40Mhz.

Keep in mind it's very stable...*except* with Cubase, and at any speed
..up to the limit of 50MHz. However I agree that I must get it working
on all levels before moving up to the A/B 040.

> Either that, or the Cubase
>dongle is causing you problems with the increased bus speed. You will
>probably have to remove the resistor on the DMA mod if you do try this
>for testing.

Now this is interesting...and something I'd not considered. I do have
a way to test a different version of Cubase Audio. Also I've got one
of those buffered dongle adapters...I'll try both of these options and
post the results. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I really do
appreciate it.


Michael Anthony

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