Re: 10% faster ST-Ram access

From: Michael Grove <>
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 1998 11:14:14 -0700 (PDT)

>Hi, I'm finally back on this list! I've been listening for quite some while, but now I've
>got a better mail-system (and a new job).
>Anyway, I've been using a small patch (wonder if it was a 7400?) for quite some
>time now which give my Falcon 10% faster ST-Ram access (Compared to running
>a very small mono-resolution (non-vga!)).
>It will only work with graphic cards as it actually turns off the videl completely.
>The way I did it was by and'ing the system clock to the videl with a on/off line, the
>very same line I use with my NOVA/Videl-switch. So, when the NOVA is on, the
>videl gets the system-clock and'ed with 0 (zero). This way, the videl stops using the
>st-bus, and I get faster st-ram access, faster ide-drive access and faster
>When/if I get my NOVA-switch web-page ready, I'll make a description of this patch
>I have some nembench-results if there's any interrest...
> Vennlig hilsen
> Geir ěyvind VŠlidalo
> Telenor Mobil - Kompass
> Mob: 951 29 687

Well there is a little interest here:). I would like to see the
results, and look foward to your web page with the diagram. My A/B
Falcon is apart for some of your mods and an audio mod as well. This
is a good time to get out the iron.

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