Re: AB Toolkit

From: Michael Grove <>
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1998 15:39:50 -0700

Seb wrote:
> As Jo Even Starken advices, I put my config here...
> I've an AB040 ( LC68040/32 ) with 32 Mb of TTRam and 14 Mb of
> STRam... I've also a Nemesis accelerator and I use NVDI 4.11 R8, Videlity,
> BoxKite. No Nova Card !! I have ever tried to use the TK 5.05 or 5.07 but
> it didn't work. Indeed, the boot sequence was as the TK 4.09 but when it
> comes to the Desktop, only the Menu Bar appeared and then a ghost of
> Dialog Box appears in monochrom and then it bombs or resets... So, can
> anyone could help me ??? It will be very nice indeed

That sounds like the blitter is somehow getting enabled. I try to
run NVDI as soon as possible after the TK. There are a few CPX's that
the blitter to set at startup, which is bad with fast ram on the Falcon.
Sometimes it helps to run the TK and Nemesis apps from the auto folder
for testing and leave the cache/Nemesis switches disabled in the TK
you know what is going on. If your running anything but TOS, be sure not
set the ROM shadowing (ahemm, copy back, sorry to much Mac today:). What
of ST Ram card are you using?

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