Re: What causes this?

From: Oliver Skelton <>
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 1998 18:49:09 +0100

I've had the same problems with my Jaz scsi as I think I have said
It was this which caused me to go back from HDDRIVER 7.02 to 6.13 (I
tried upgrading to 7 to avoid having to run a second time from the Auto

In my case I have partitions C-F on IDE and I-O on the Jaz.

As far as I remember, when the problem occurs I got the contents of
partition I: for any drive from J-O.
It sounds like your partition H: is thus equivalent to my I:. Perhaps
you have C-E as IDE and thus still have 3 'reliable' scsi partitions.

It is pretty scary... but I don't think I ever had any corruption as a
result... I think it reads and writes I to I, not to the partition which
you are trying to get at.

I think it occurs in conjunction with my Jaz spinning down - if it it
the same for you then perhaps there is a way to turn off sleep mode on
the Quantum? Even with HDDRIVER 6.13 I have problems. When the Jaz spins
down I have to access partitions in the right way or they just won't
open. i.e. double clicking on an icon from TOS causes the icon to become
inaccesible even after I have got the Jaz to spin up (whilst opening
from some applications causes the drive to spin up and continue to work
I have tried running HDDRIVER's media change program and disabling
caches but I can't get back an icon's contents short of rebooting.

Greg Evans wrote:
> I've been having a problem with my Quantum 3.2 gb drive almost
> since I bought it. I was wondering if someone could suggest
> the source of the problem -- AB, Nemesis, HDD, etc.
> I am using HDD 7.12 with TK 5.07. The problem is that at times
> (now, quite frequent), I will lose partitions I and J, sometimes
> others also but always at the end of the chain. At those times, if
> I open one of the dribve windows it will show me a duplicate of
> a previous partition, usually H, but it depends on the lowest
> partition letter I've lost. Does this sound like a SCSI error,
> HDD or something else? If it's the drive, it's still under
> warranty so I can get a new one.
> Thanks!
> Greg

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