WG: New AB user + Question

From: Szymanski, Frank-Peter <F.Szymanski_at_dmt-fp.cubis.de>
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 15:59:11 +0200


>I got an AB040 last week and it is now installed and running.
>seem to work ok (see questions section though)

Nice to read and welcome to the club. ;-)

>1) I cannot run Digital Home Studio by Softjee. There is a button for
>the Afterburner in the software but for some reason I have not managed
>to even get it to start it just sits and does nothing. (blank screen,
>movable mouse, bar at the top saying DHS.PRG.)

Well I don't use it regularly but AFAIR there haven't been any problems
to run the demo on my afterburner system.

>Has anyone got any idea of what could be wrong?

Do you have the latest version?

>I use AHDI 6.06 (still waiting for HDDriver)

IHope you're getting your copy of HD-Driver soon. Its fantastic and more
stable than AHDI.


Do you use the latest V. 2.03?


I don't recommend this. There is a mouse acceleration included within
NVDI. Use this instead.
I also don't recommend FPATCH2.PRG. Try HSMOD instead.

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