Re: WG: New AB user + Question

From: Chris Rogers <>
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 18:24:05 +0100

On 18 Aug, "Szymanski, Frank-Peter" <> wrote:
> >1) I cannot run Digital Home Studio by Softjee. There is a button for
> >the Afterburner in the software but for some reason I have not managed
> >to even get it to start it just sits and does nothing. (blank screen,
> >movable mouse, bar at the top saying DHS.PRG.)

> Well I don't use it regularly but AFAIR there haven't been any problems
> to run the demo on my afterburner system.

I also can't even get the demo to run.

> I also don't recommend FPATCH2.PRG. Try HSMOD instead.

I use FPATCH2 as well so where can I get HSMOD and what does it do?



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