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From: citadel <>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 98 12:14:12 -0000

Hello all,

I can appreciate that some may feel I'm being a bit of a
bother, posting these tomes to the site over and over again.
Please try to see this from my perspective. Where else can
I go for help on this if not to you people..possibly the only
one's who might have a clue of what I might have to do to
resolve my problems. If I'm annoying anyone,...apologies.
A solution and I'll go quietly....Promise! [|:-)
Of the 3 letters below, only letter (1) was sent to the 040
site. Can those of you so inclined please glance at 2 and 3
with an eye to giving whatever insights you can. I've not
been able to raise Doug Little at all since his previous offer
of assistance. This entire episode has been one long, pain-
ful hassle. Sorry...and thanks.


Michael Anthony

Letter 1

>Subject: Re: Nemesis
>Sent: 3/8/98 1:03 PM
>To: Doug Little,
> Falcon040,
>Hi Doug,
>I've been waiting your kind offer of help..but in the
>interim, a few points to consider...
>Forgive the open letter format but it's possible some
>of the others may be able to help finally sort me out
>on my Falcon/Nemesis difficulties. After implementing
>every suggestion received, here in no particular order,
>are a few more observations I've made re: the situation.
>1) First of all I'm beginning to believe I've got a
>defective Nemesis.
>2) A question that's been nagging at me for weeks is
>why were the two caps removed from the most recent 25/50
>design? Was there something inherantly unstable in this
>3) Nemesis is the common denominator..the machine only
>crashes when it's on...and at either speed.
>4) I believe the problem always exists with Nemesis
>running at either accelerated speed. It would seem
>that v2.06 of Cubase is more sensitive to some sort of
>problem/glitch related to a Nemesis signal/voltage?
>5) There are no fixed circumstances when it does crash
>..except for running Cubase. Is there something special
>Cubase is looking for from Nemesis that other programs
>don't require ...or perhaps, are less sensitive too?
>6) The crashes, when they do occur, are *very* hard.
>The processor doesn't even have time to post a flag or
>any "bombs". The picture just freezes mid scan with no
>more mouse pointer movement allowed. It seems to be an
>a core level, instantaneous thing...unlike other system
>7) The buffer works satisfactorily all the
>least as far as I can tell..with with Nemesis on or off.
>SCSI transfers appear to be okay as well...although I'm
>not sure if reducing the signal level at pin 110 of U36
>through added resistance required to get rid of the
>Cubase audio noise is necessarily a good thing, though.
>8) No one else I've spoken too has ever had this noise
>problem in Cubase. The sensitivity of the resistance/
>capacitance at pin 110 of U36 when attempting to tune
>out the noise (using a variable pot) while Nemesis is
>running at either speed has to be seen to be believed.
>We're talking a matter of 10's of ohms difference. It
>should not be that fact there should be
>no noise at all! This suggests that Nemesis, once again
>the common denominator, is the culprit.
>9) I've re-installed Cubase three times, I even went
>as far to "040" patch one copy in order to eliminate
>that possibilty as well.
>10) My connections are fine...grounds everywhere and
>even a shielded cable for the DMA line. Last week I
>thought this might have been the wasn't! It
>probably helped..but not so's you'd notice.
>11) Keeping the entire circuit cooler (with a small fan
>directed on it may delay the eventual crash for some
>reason. Also running in 2 colours (and yes, I know
>this is required with Cubase) also seems to extend the
>running time...but it will crash...always!
>12) I believe there's an instataneous loss of some
>signal/voltage that Cubase must have steady supply of
>and that other programs are more tolerant of. I'm now
>trying to get an old oscilloscope of mine working so I
>can scope the various signals and see if there's noise
>riding on one of them...or perhaps some intermittent
>situation occuring. Noise, which I'm hearing, would
>explain a lot. The system could interpret a burst of
>noise as something wrong and in the case of Cubase
>shut it down. You may recall I mentioned that there
>is a momentary flicker sometimes when it crashes.
>This always kills off Cubase.
>In the meantime, I'll ask David Encill for another
>Nemesis to try...your support on this request would be
>appreciated. This has now been going on for months...
>just way too long. I'd really like to start flying this
>"super" bird? So far it's been a very costly dodo...
>both in time and cold hard cash.
>Michael Anthony
>Ps. I've made, as anyone who has installed a Nemesis
>knows, some major mods to my Falcon. Going back is not
>an option and going forward to my 040 would be inviting
>disaster. This problem must first be sorted.
Letter 2

>Subject: Re: Nemesis
>Sent: 12/8/98 2:08 AM
>To: Doug Little,
>Hi Doug,
>Having not heard from you I must admit to becoming
>increasingly more desparate. In the hope that I
>will soon, here are a few more observations. Please
>keep in mind that all my problems are related to
>running Cubase 2.03 or 2.06...with either the CAC
>or my FDI fitted & while using Nemesis at either low
>or high speed. In no other prg have I experienced
>this screen "freezing" situation.
>Last night I continued my nightly ritual of trying
>different things. I haven't yet been able to
>determine whether the processor also quits or just
>the visual component of the system. I have noticed
>that when it does quit, U36 will soon get very hot
>and the incidence of interference flashes and lines
>through the picture increases. When it freezes the
>screen simply locks in it just stopped
>I know you are busy...and hate getting involved in
>these matters but please, I'd like to finalise this
>project. Thanks.
>Michael Anthony
Letter 3

>Subject: Re: Nemesis continued...
>Sent: 16/8/98 3:20 PM
>To: Doug Little,
>Hi Doug,
>Based on your offer to help me...I must assume you're away
>at the moment. In any case I persevere. I've tried every
>variation I can thing of at this point and have basically,
>hit the wall.
>One additional thing I've found is that it's the audio
>engine in Cubase that freezes the machine. As long as it's
>loaded...and at either accelerated speed, eventually the
>system will lock up. If I load Cubase with Nemesis on at
>either higher speed without the audio, it seems to run fine.
>As I told you, when it locks up the screen gets lines and
>will flicker very occasionally..also U36 gets very hot.
>This all points to the DMA. As I've mentioned without the
>resistance to ground set very accurately, I get noise coming
>out of the audio in Cubase. Here's a question. Can I remake
>the original connection to pin 110 of U36, remove the former
>(now shielded) white wire and have the system work in both
>030 and AB040 mode? What will be the effect of not supplying
>the DMA signal from the buffer? I still feel that noise is
>being generated in the system somehow and hope that some
>stability may be achieved by using the original signal at
>pin 110 of U36.
>I could put this connection on a switch and use the original
>signal only while in Cubase? Will this work? PLEASE help.
>With regards,
>Michael Anthony

If anyone got through all the above..thank you! Any ideas?
PLEASE! I'd like to complete the AB040 installation but need
to sort these problems first...(if possible!). Thanks again.


Michael Anthony

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