Re: Help from the 040er's?

From: Michael Grove <>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 10:02:50 -0700

citadel wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> >Did you ever remove the Nemesis and install Peter Greens CPU_ACCEL mod?
> >This would surely be an easy way to test your theory concerning the
> >Nemesis being at fault. You won't need the cap/resistor mod on the DMA
> >with this acceleration modification.
> No not yet..thanks for sending it but truthfully I'm dreading pulling
> all of this out without knowing why it's f-ing up. To paraphrase some-
> one, without learning from history we're doomed to repeat it. I need to
> find out what's been going wrong in order to know if this new approach
> will finally give me some joy. Thanks for the help! I likely make the
> change over once I've cleared the decks.
> Kind regards,
> Michael Anthony

Hi Michael,

Have you considered that maybe it could be a cartridge port/Cubase
dongle problem?
This sounds just like a problem this TT user is having with Logic Audio
on a TT I sold to him. I tested the machine out in every respect, but
for some reason it will crash Logic randomly. Video Master works, FPU
works ect.... I wish I could be more help.
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