New AB user + Question

From: Jonas Klereborn <>
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 15:35:49 +0200


I got an AB040 last week and it is now installed and running. Everything
seem to work ok (see questions section though)

My system:
Atari Falcon
fitted in a MK X case
Afterburner 68RC040
14 + 64 MB RAM
64 MB int. IDE + SyQuest ezFlyer 230 MB removable HD

15 inch VGA
HP 5L laser printer

Now to the Question section. There are two questions:

1) I cannot run Digital Home Studio by Softjee. There is a button for
the Afterburner in the software but for some reason I have not managed
to even get it to start it just sits and does nothing. (blank screen,
movable mouse, bar at the top saying DHS.PRG.)

Has anyone got any idea of what could be wrong?

Has anyone gotten this software to work on the AB?

...or do I have to install Geir ěyvind VŠlidalos 040/030 switch to get
it to work. I might do this anyway, but it's not high priority by at the

Before the AB installation it worked fine with everything as it is now,
running it with TOS (bypassing MagiC with shift-shift). (see setup

2) There seem to be some almost not visable "waves" of intensity
fluctuations rolling across the screen in 640x480 and higher
resolutions. These are not visable at all in lower res. Is this normal
or an indication of something beeing not so good? I have not done any of
the suggested signal improvements mentioned in the BSS toolkit. But
everything else is stable. I have been running the computer for hours
and transfered data here and there without problem.

My setup:

I'm running MagiC v 5.03 (english)
or TOS 4.04

I have NVDI v 4.12

I use AHDI 6.06 (still waiting for HDDriver)

AUTO folder:
  68040DRV.PRG (v 4.09)
  68882 .PRG

My only ACC is COPS. Some others in another folder since they can be run
as a prg in MagiC.

CPX : AB040

  START.APP (W95 style start button)

Any comments or suggestions are welcome!

Thanks for Your time
/Jonas Klereborn
Stockholm, Sweden
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